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Crisis Communications

Helping clients minimise fall-out from a crisis

Corporate and brand reputations can be damaged, often irrevocably, as a result of a crisis. Confidence and trust among shareholders, customers, staff, suppliers and other groups can be eroded not just because of the crisis itself but often by how a company responds. Use of social media as a mass, powerful communications tool presents new challenges in managing crises and in mitigating reputational risks.

Q4PR ensures that clients deal swiftly, effectively and transparently with a crisis. Anticipating likely risk factors, and the need to develop crisis communications plans to deal with possible scenarios, are factored into our strategic planning work.

We have advised on high profile legal disputes, corporate restructurings, environmental disputes, healthcare issues, customer controversies, employment issues, service outages and industrial disputes. In a crisis scenario, we guarantee that CEOs and senior managers have access to our partners, who offer extensive experience of crisis communications and also to a well-trained and responsive team.

Q4PR’s crisis communications services include:

  • Contingency and crisis communications planning
  • Formulating crisis policies and written manuals
  • Provision of speedy advice and activation plans in response to a crisis
  • Tracking and monitoring sentiment to the issue through traditional and social media
  • Media relations services
  • A 24/7 service to advise and support our clients in managing a crisis

Anticipating likely risk factors into strategic planning.