Q4PR is a full-service communications practice with an emphasis on client service and measurable results.

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Investor Relations

Strategic IR service ensure markets are informed

Q4PR provides strategic advice and solutions to ensure that investment value propositions are clearly communicated and understood by the markets. We have close relationships with the investment community and routinely canvass their opinions to establish perceptions, an understanding of what drives trading decisions and also investors’ information requirements.

Q4PR has extensive relationships throughout the international financial markets and we are well-positioned to provide advice and support in relation to market activity in Dublin, London and New York.

Our investor relations (IR) services include:

  • Developing compelling investment cases
  • Financial communications planning and reporting
  • Drafting key financial statements, including investor regulatory news service (RNS) announcements, presentations, financial reports and annual reports
  • Analyst engagement and targeting
  • Previewing and reviewing reports
  • Online IR, including making best use of websites and social media channels

Excellent relationships throughout local and international markets.