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Corporate Social Responsibility

Building CSR strategies on a strong foundation

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a cornerstone in building trust and managing a business’s reputation with external and internal stakeholders. CSR – simply defined as businesses being responsible – is on the agenda of an increasing number of CEOs and senior teams, who realise its importance in their businesses’ relationships with customers, staff, local communities, suppliers, investors, the media and other groups.

Yet businesses face many challenges in managing their reputations and adopting good CSR practices. Among those challenges is the widespread use of social media. Corporate reputations built over decades can implode in minutes, as consumers post content on social media sites and such negative sentiment is picked up by mainstream media.

Q4PR is a long-time specialist in advising businesses on developing their CSR strategies which are built on the foundation of meaningful corporate missions and values. We start with an audit of often ad hoc activity and help build out a programme that is in keeping with the company’s core business – something that can become part of the companies DNA rather than an add on activity. We also support the implementation of:

  • Employee engagement and other workplace initiatives
  • Community affairs and charitable programmes
  • Customer, supplier, government and other stakeholder engagement plans
  • Environmental awareness campaigns
  • Crisis communications plans
  • Social media listening and activation initiatives
  • CSR reporting and accountability

CSR: a cornerstone in building trust and reputation.